Archived: NFL Power Ratings

November 27, 2018

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings


1. New Orleans Saints

Last week: 1


That’s now 10 in a row for the team as Drew Brees continues to turn guys you’ve never heard of into prolific pass catchers. Maybe more importantly is that the defense has given up 23 points or fewer in every game (sans the Rams win) since late September.


2. Los Angeles Rams

Last week: 2


The Rams nearly clinched their division despite being on a bye. That tells you everything about their season, even if they still need a little help to get home-field advantage throughout.


3. Kansas City Chiefs

Last week: 3


One wonders if Kansas City took any glance at the standings on their bye week, noting not just that the Chargers are nipping at their heels but the Patriots are too for home field advantage. Still a lot to play for with this team and only those Raiders games are gimmes down the stretch.


4. Los Angeles Chargers

Last week: 7


Philip Rivers was nearly perfect against the Cardinals in that romp at home but what was the team thinking keeping Melvin Gordon in the game when it was well in hand? Naturally the tailback got hurt and that’s not a great sign with two big road games in the next three weeks.


5. New England Patriots

Last week: 5


Not the best of efforts early but the Patriots eventually put away the Jets for a comfortable second half win on the road. It will be interesting to see what kind of effect Rex Burkhead will have on the offense now that he’s finally ready to return to the lineup to complement Sony Michel.


6. Houston Texans

Last week: 6


After falling behind early, the Texans went into overdrive to take control of the Monday night game against a division rival. Despite that impressive spurt, there’s still some skepticism about this group despite eight straight wins. Given the way the back end of the schedule looks though, it might be time to at least start entertaining the idea that a division title is not the only thing Houston is playing for.


7. Chicago Bears

Last week: 8


Few teams in the league could survive a division game on the road with a backup QB, much less on a short week. The Bears do and not even the hard-charging Vikings may be able to keep up now.


8. Seattle Seahawks

Last week: 10


There was some thought this offseason that Seattle would be in full rebuilding mode with a questionable roster to work with. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson is a helluva combination though and the fight out of this group remains impressive. Nobody really wants to see the Seahawks on their schedule now.


9. Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week: 4


That awful interception on the doorstep of the end zone to seal the loss might also put a fork in the pursuit of home-field advantage come January. The Steelers have come out unfocused before and it finally cost them on the road at Denver.


10. Indianapolis Colts

Last week: 11


Andrew Luck might not have comeback player of the year locked up just yet given how J.J. Watt has played but he’s awfully close if he keeps mounting these crazy comebacks. Just imagine if they had played for the tie against Houston earlier in the year and were that much closer in the division race?


11. Dallas Cowboys

Last week: 12


Guess Amari Cooper was worth the first-rounder after all, eh? While his addition has jump-started the offense, we’ll see if the defense can keep going as they face the tall task of slowing down Drew Brees on Thursday night.


12. Minnesota Vikings

Last week: 13


A refreshing effort by the offense, for the most part, against Green Bay after that debacle in Chicago. The next two weeks will tell us if this is truly a contender in the NFC though.


13. Carolina Panthers

Last week: 9


Three losses in a row and that last one in particular was quite painful after Christian McCaffery nearly carried the Panthers on his back. Riverboat Ron needs to start coming up with answers because ending the year with two games against the Saints may spell certain doom.


14. Baltimore Ravens

Last week: 14


Joe Flacco could be back at practice soon, leading to some big decisions ahead. Lamar Jackson is clearly the QB of the future even with some struggles as a passer and it will be telling to see what John Harbaugh does at the position going forward.


15. Denver Broncos

Last week: 18


You got the sense that things were starting to click in Denver and now that’s two big victories against playoff teams under their belt. The Broncos can get back over .500 and the door is certainly open to a postseason run if they can keep this momentum going.


16. Cleveland Browns

Last week: 20


Baker Mayfield keeps getting better and better and now there are even whispers of, what’s that, playoffs? It’s not completely out of the question in the AFC but any sort of baby steps forward are cause for celebration in Cleveland.


17. Philadelphia Eagles

Last week: 19


The division is there for the taking if the team still wants it and you wonder if that second half against the Giants is just the little ignition spark the Eagles needed.


18. Tennessee Titans

Last week: 15


Says a lot about the state of the team that Marcus Mariota was nearly perfect as a passer but their one-time lead kept slipping until the Titans found themselves in a huge hole. Yes the injuries keep mounting but the coaching staff has a long week ahead too.


19. Atlanta Falcons

Last week: 22


Red zone turnovers are an absolute killer. Having three on the road in a divisional game is a death knell — especially for a bad team like this.


20. Green Bay Packers

Last week: 17


Green Bay doesn’t typically make midseason coaching changes but given the divorce with Mike McCarthy is all but inevitable, why wait? This team is clearly miserable and wasting yet another year of Aaron Rodgers in his prime.


21. Buffalo Bills

Last week: 23


Safe to say the Bills got the last laugh with Jalen Ramsey by securing a victory on Sunday to avenge that playoff loss from last year.


22. Washington Redskins

Last week: 21


All things considered — having a backup QB on a short week on the road at a division rival — that eight-point loss at Dallas wasn’t awful. But the team didn’t play well and that division lead is slowly but surely slipping away.


23. Cincinnati Bengals

Last week: 16


Image of the season was Hue Jackson getting the ball after his old team intercepted his new one. Now Andy Dalton is out for the season and with five losses in six games, this is a situation that continues to spiral out of control.


24. Miami Dolphins

Last week: 25


Interesting play-calling down the stretch by Adam Gase, who is surely feeling heat beneath his seat now. Ryan Tannehill wasn’t bad in his return but the team had no idea how to finish in allowing the Colts to come back and win.


25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last week: 28


Solid day for Jameis Winston as the losing streak is over thanks to a victory over the team from that other bay. Still, the Bucs still need to step things up as the competition improves by a significant margin the next few weeks.


26. Detroit Lions

Last week: 24


So much for building momentum after that win against Carolina. Dropping a game to a backup quarterback at home is not a great look for this squad as the mighty Rams come to town next week.


27. New York Giants

Last week: 27


Just when you thought the team looked like they could turn the corner, the Giants let things slip away late to their division rivals. More eye-opening were OBJ’s comments about attacking a weak secondary not being in the game plan.


28. New York Jets

Last week: 29


Solid effort for the first half against the Patriots but the Jets also showed why it will still be a long wait until draft time and free agency when some help can come.


29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week: 26


When the Bills beat you with a rookie QB completing only eight passes, safe to say that’s rock bottom just a season after making the AFC title game. A quarterback and OC change won’t salvage this lost year for the Jags.


30. Oakland Raiders

Last week: 30


We’re sure this isn’t what Jon Gruden had in mind with his big return to the NFL. Given how beat up Derek Carr has been lately, we’re sure it isn’t what he had in mind either.


31. Arizona Cardinals

Last week: 31


Well, on the bright side, Josh Rosen led a beautiful opening drive that ended with a touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald. On the down side? Everything that followed.


32. San Francisco 49ers

Last week: 32


The Rueben Foster story was yet another black mark on the franchise this year, which is certainly not a great look before you go out and look lifeless on the road against Tampa Bay.



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